Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Chique Boutique

Our Fabric Selection
These are our 9 fabrics that we use for Carseat Cozys, Dresses, Crayon Rollups, and Color Cozys. Top to Bottom they are: Saydee, Tennley, Hayden, Avery, Gracie, Taylor, Dino, Spotty Dog
Our dresses can be made out of any of our fabric options and go from newborn to 7T. A smaller size can also be ordered to fit an older child as a shirt. $20
*All seams are professionally finished. You will have no raw edges or fraying to deal with.
* The fabric has been pre-washed, so there will be minimal shrinkage.
*Ribbons have been treated to prevent fraying.
*Machine wash in cold with like colors and hang to dry. Washing the dress in this way will keep the colors bright and fabric looking new.
*Sizing, from top of dress to bottom of hem:

0-3 months: 12 inches
3-6 months: 14 inches
6-12 months: 16 inches
12-18 months: 17 inches
2T: 20 inches
3T: 21 inches
4T: 22 inches
5T: 24 inches
6T: 26 inches
7T: 28 inches

These flowers have been a big hit already! They are so fun! They can be made with any of the same fabrics as our dresses so they match exactly! Or they can be made in any color combination you are looking for. They are $4 each or $6 a pair for the small ones, and $5 each or $8 a pair for the big ones.

With this great nursing cover your little one won't be able to expose your bosoms or, if your like me your muffin top that hangs over your pants! It straps around your neck with D-rings so the harder your baby pulls on it the tighter it gets! And it also has a pocket in the corner so you don't lose binkeys or anything else commonly lost while nursing! They can be made in any of our fabric selection. $25 each

Cozys are helpful with your little ones when you want to keep out those nosy shoppers in the store, to keep out the rain, sun or snow, or to add a little bit of sparkle to those old resued car seats you have had since your first child.$30


The creative possibilities are endless when children have good art supplies. This is a great way to organize and contain crayons for at home or on the go. They can be custom made in most any color/character fabric.Keep a roll in your purse! $9

Crocheted Beanies
These hand made beanies come in 2 styles, the Newsboy Brim Beanie, and the Scalloped Baby Beanie. The Newsboy Brim Beanie comes in sizes 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-12 Months, 1-5 years, and Adult. The Scalloped Baby Beanie comes in 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, and 6-12 Months. The Newsboy Brim Beanie can be made for both boys and girls in any color combination. And there are 32 flower colors. The flowers are interchangeable on the hats. Flowers $1 each, Hats $15 (We are making a better description of the flower colors for you in the next few days. They each have names.)


Anonymous said...

have you thought about opening a shop on etsy.com? you have beautiful work but a lot of people would be turned off about buying from a blog, having a venue from etsy or any other crafting site makes it more professional.

Tory Miller said...

We actually have a website. It's www.sewsimplysweet.com
The person who does it for us hasn't had a chance to update it with all of our new stuff yet, so we still post things on our blog just to show what we have until he can update it. Thanks for the input!!

Emily, Store Manager said...

Hey girls! It's Emily from Pioneer Party (Nicole's sister in law)... your items are all so darling! I am inviting you to come sell at our Sidewalk Boutique in June. I hope you can come! I think it would be great exposure for you. Email me if you would like more details. pioneerparty@hotmail.com